Pet Paw Foil Prints

Let us create your very own bespoke foil print.  Actual size paw prints or a pair of paw prints on A4 card.  Frame is not included with this item.  Prints can be silver, gold or rose gold with names, dates etc printed also.  Prints are on either black or white premium card and make the most beautiful memory to treasure.


Taking prints is very easy to do – here are our step-by-step guide.


Step 1: Take your little one’s prints using our special inkless (no mess) wipes and paper provided within the kit we post to you.  (If you already have a copy of your little one’s prints skip to Step 2)




Step 2: Photograph your prints ensuring we can see all four corners of the paper on the picture, this allows us to get the scale of your prints perfect!



Step 3: Upload your prints from your phone using our upload scanner.



Step 4: Once we receive your loved one’s prints we will edit and tidy up you image, removing any smudges and enhancing the image.


Step 5: We will foil your print and return it to you by post – giving you a memory to treasure forever!

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