At Lasting Memories, we understand how extremley difficult and heart breaking it is to lose a loved one.

Our Memorial Collection is hand crafted at our studio with care and respect. Whether you are looking for jewellery to hold, touch and treasure or a 3D replica casting set in a frame together we will create the perfect keepsake to treasure forever. We provide a sensitive and considerate approach to whatever you request.

What can we at Lasting Memories create for you?

3d framed casts baby and child

No parent should face losing their own child and it is our aim to help grieving parents. We hope that by providing our casting service, this will offer you some comfort.

We create beautifully detailed hand and foot castings which are replicas of a baby or child who has left your arms too soon. Our casts provide precious keepsakes for families who lose their baby or child at any stage or age


We can create an exact replica of your loved one’s hands.

We capture every line crease and detail to allow you a tangible memory of them when they no longer are with you. We have a wealth of memorial casting experience.

When someone you love becomes a memory...

that memory is treasured in your heart forever

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