It’s All in the Unique Detail

Baby/Child 3D castings are a precious memory, a moment captured in time.  One that every parent, grandparent, relative or friend will treasure forever.  Each Lasting Memories 3D cast/impression is unique to your baby or child.  A timeless keepsake………………. because you only get one chance!


Each 3D mould takes approximately 90 seconds to set.  We dip your baby/child’s hands or feet into our warm impression material that becomes firm but remains flexible.  Your little one’s hand or foot easily slides out leaving a perfect mould.  The impression material really does capture every line and crease of your baby or child’s hands and feet, and produces casts of breath taking quality and intricate detail.

Framed Casting Prices from - £75.00

It’s All in the Finishing

The magic is in the finishing!  We are very experienced and have been producing hand and foot casts since 2008.  From the mould and intricate detail of each cast to the top-quality handmade frames your 3D casts are displayed in.  Allowing you to “capture the moment today before it fades away!”

Here at Lasting Memories, we always aim to give all our customers a 5* personal service, and finish all products to the highest standards, but don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what our customers say.

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