How Fingerprints are Taken

Touch the Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

Where possible this is our preferred way of making Silver fingerprint jewellery.  For this you require an appointment.  If making an appointment with us is not an option another way of making Silver fingerprint jewellery is with our impression putty kit – this does not require an appointment.


All Touch the Silver fingerprint jewellery starts as a silver clay that the fingerprint is pressed into to make an impression. This is the best way to capture that perfect print of your loved one, and they have actually touched the silver that becomes your beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery.

Putty Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint putty will capture the fingerprints from anyone at any age – but please remember babies do not usually form a full fingerprint until they are approximately 2 years old.


Taking the putty prints are both easy and mess free.  Fingerprints are created by using a two part putty.  These capture your unique fingerprint and all its detail. Your kit will contain a special two part putty that when mixed together sets within approx 3 minutes. All instructions are sent with your kit.


For young babies an alternative to capturing a fingerprint is to take a little fingernail impression, a fingersmudge – this is the fingerprint but as babies may not have developed their swirls and ridges detail may be less. 


Fingerprint Jewellery Made from Ink Fingerprints

Do you have ink prints of a loved one’s fingerprint and are looking to create the perfect memory to treasure?


We can create you the most beautiful Sterling Silver or 9ct gold plated Fingerprint piece.  All we need you to do is send us a picture of the fingerprint which we then use to make a stamp and the stamp is them put onto the clay to create your bespoke jewellery item.


As this style of fingerprint is not 3 dimensional it produces an entirely different effect. This gives a more engraved finish that is flatter.


* For the best result with your fingerprints we recommend our Touch the Silver Service.  Putty prints are a great alternative especially if you are unable to visit us.  Please be advised when using putty prints that your finished piece of jewellery will only be as good as the print taken.  If you are supplying your own print via our upload service this will look entirely different.  All uploaded prints are made via a stamp and the fingerprint will need to be enlarged to produce this.