How do I make a appointment?

You can make an appointment via telephone on 07882 177 890 or email – www.lasting_memories@aol.com

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

With the exception of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the Christmas season, scheduling an appointment in the next week or so is usually possible.  We encourage people to book their casting appointments as far in advance as possible for these holidays to assure a finished product for gift giving.  Also please be aware that weekend appointments fill up very quickly, so book these asap.

May I make an evening or weekend appointment for a casting session?

Yes, with the exception of some Sundays, we make appointments to suit the convenience of our customers.

How long is the impression/casting session?

One molding can easily be finished within five minutes. So, it would depend on how many castings you would like to have done. In most castes we schedule 30 minute sessions. The majority of this time is taken up by discussing product options.  We understand that in some cases longer sessions will be necessary, and or course these would incurr no extra charge.  If you feel you would benefit from a longer session, please discuss with us when booking.

How long does the hand or foot need to be in the molding paste?

The molding impression is a very quick procedure requiring  90 seconds for babies and children.  Impressions of adult hands can take longer.

When will our castings be ready for pick up?

They will usually be ready for pick up within 3 weeks.

Can you rush the completion of my castings?

We can Usually finish a framed cast within a week if needed.

Will you travel locally to my home casting sessions?

Yes, within 10 miles is free however, there is an added travel fee of £20 for this service and a mileage charge of 25p per mile.