A 3D cast is different to an impression it’s a finely detailed cast made directly from a mould taken of you baby’s or child’s hand or foot.

Each cast is unique to your baby or child and lovingly captures every tiny detail individual to your precious”little one”.

All our frames are handmade, therefore we can fulfill any request you may have. This can pertain to size, frame material, paint finishes, mount colors and even double mounts. A personalized name plaque to record the child’s name, age, date of birth or a personal message can also be added to your frame.

If we are not happy with the finished results of the mould then we would contact you to arrange a convenient time to recast.

Our casting process is quick and effective as detailed in the stages below:

Stage 1

Our molding powder is a natural seaweed based product which is extremely safe and conforms to all UK legislation. The molding powder is mixed with lukewarm water to produce a casting paste.

Stage 2

The casting paste is then transferred to our molding bags and the babies hand or foot is submerged.

Stage 3

The casting paste takes approximately 90 seconds to set.

Stage 4

The set mould is then carefully removed from your babies hand or foot. We will then take the mould away to create your unique cast.